What Sets Us Apart

live. love. smile.

Live. Love. Smile.

At Farina Orthodontic Specialists, we know that picking us is a big decision. We want you to feel confident that you made the right choice by using Farina Orthodontic Specialists as your orthodontic care provider. Our practice has been serving the Tampa area since 1995, and we are passionate about serving our community. There are multiple reasons that we believe we are the most well-equipped practice in Tampa to provide orthodontic care to you and your family. 

Experience & Expertise

Farina Orthodontic Specialists has been serving the Tampa community for over 25 years, giving our doctors the experience to handle complicated cases. Dr. Farina is board certified, a benchmark that only 1 in 4 orthodontists will ever achieve. He continues to grow with the innovative field of orthodontics so that the practice can offer the most up-to-date technology. Dr. Farina was one of the first Tampa area orthodontists to incorporate Invisalign into his practice back in 1998. He was also one of the first offices to use technology such as the iCat and iTero 3D digital scanners which make visualizing jaw composition quicker and clearer than ever before.

We have produced over 20,000 smiles at Farina Orthodontic Specialists, but we believe that orthodontics is more than just a smile. We want to help you to feel amazing, not just look amazing. Fixing orthodontic problems can seriously impact how you eat, breathe, and sleep. One of our goals is for patients to come in at the end of treatment and tell us what a world of difference our services made. We want our clients to feel comfortable in their own skin, and confident to show off their smile to the rest of the world. When you are happy with your results, we can finally say the job is done.

Cutting Edge Technology

At Farina Orthodontic Specialists, we have always taken pride on being quick to invest in new technology that makes orthodontic treatment more efficient and comfortable for our patients. From consultations to treatments, we make sure to educate our patients on the new technology available to them. Some of the newest tech in orthodontics are non-invasive digital scanners such as iCat and iTero. These scanners use radiation-free lasers to render extremely accurate 2D and 3D digital images of your teeth and jaw. The scanners eliminate the need for uncomfortable putty, trays, and X-rays that other practices still use today. The new digital scanners can create models of your mouth in minutes, allowing you to discuss with your doctor what kind of intervention is needed while following along on a computer. 

We are also happy to use paperless forms so all of your data is stored electronically. This makes it easier to search and access all documents relating to your orthodontic care from the first visit to the final result. Any time your information needs to be shared with other practices, we are able to quickly and securely email documents without having to search through filing cabinets and scan or fax paper forms.

Service with a Smile, to Make You Smile

Our goal at Farina Orthodontic Specialists is to provide top-notch service with a warm and comfortable atmosphere.  At Farina Orthodontic Specialists, our patients tell us they are excited to check in and say hello. Our team is both friendly and experienced, so you can feel confident that you are receiving great orthodontic care while in good company. Customer service is a huge focus for us, so whatever your concerns or desires may be, feel free to discuss with a Farina Orthodontic Specialists team member and they will work with you to get satisfactory results. We know our patients are busy, which is why we offer innovative services like same day braces and virtual appointments that fit in to your schedule and provide the highest level of orthodontic care.


At Farina Orthodontic Specialists, we never want financial stress to get in the way of achieving your dream smile. We will do everything we can to make this process more affordable and manageable for your family so you can get quality results at a fair price. We are proud to offer free consultations where you can receive a plethora of information and check out digital scans of your tooth and jaw composition. During this initial visit, your orthodontist can explain if any orthodontic treatment is needed and what your options are.

We also accept most insurance providers which can save you thousands of dollars in fees, leaving you just a fraction of the total cost to pay out of pocket. Additionally, we have multiple flexible payment plans which can cut your orthodontic fees into more manageable monthly payments.

Our Core Values

The team at Farina Orthodontic Specialists developed these 10 core values to deliver incredible service and maintain the highest level of patient satisfaction.

  1. Deliver WOW Through Service & Smiles.
  2. Promising High Energy and High Fives.
  3. Creating an Environment Where We Think Big, Have Fun, and Do Good.
  4. Fostering a Culture of Warmth and Belonging Where Everyone is Welcome.
  5. Make It Simple. Get It Done.
  6. Be Present, Clear, and Humble.
  7. One Team. One Family. One Vision. 
  8. Encourage and Embrace Change. 
  9. Choosing Passion and Commitment Over Convenience.
  10. It’s Up to Me to Make It Be.