Patient Testimonials

Nancy S.
15:32 28 Jun 22
Wonderful staff. Melanie is especially kind. So glad we chose Farina Orthodontics. Best decision I've made in a long time.
Janice C.
19:34 24 Jun 22
Excelente servicio!
Kaylee C.
14:41 24 Jun 22
Super clean building amazing staff always puts a smile on my face everytime I come to appointment. I feel welcomed with open arms everytime I want in. I really enjoy them making going to the Orthadontist fun for each individual. very good staff. absolutely amazing at this location love it !!!!!!
N B.
21:08 21 Jun 22
Dr. Farina and his staff are so nice and accommodating to a parent’s busy schedule.
N B.
21:07 21 Jun 22
Best orthodontist in Tampa. He did a wonderful job for me when I was younger and 20 years later I chose him two sons
Sandra M.
20:44 21 Jun 22
The staff is very professional. My daughter is 11 year is old and so far her treatment is going very good.
Jane C.
21:23 16 Jun 22
When the tongue rolled into the space occupied by the tooth below the pain began, I considered orthodontics to fill the space at which the tooth had changed. My teeth were good from birth, but as I got older, my teeth changed and left an ugly space.A Orthodontic doctor wasted nearly a year for consultation trying to get a particular surgery because he said he couldn't do correct my teeth work unless I had mandibular lingual frenecomy surgery.But finally, One doctor didn't recommend mandibular lingual frenecomy surgery, and Dr. Rudy didn't recommend it either so I started orthodontics at Farina without the surgery.So far, I am grateful that there is no problem with the pain caused by the tongue while correcting my teeth, and that mandibular lingual frenecomy surgery has not been performed as I was really afraid of the side effects of this operation.There is such a happy man who I see whenever I visit for checks. Dr Farina has given me happiness with confidence and a super-positive attitude and now I will be taking off all my braces in 10 weeks.Now I can take off my mask and take off my braces and I will be able to smile brightly with my teeth.Thank you to the happy Dr. Farina and the kind Tampa Palms location staffs. From Jinju
Elizabeth B.
18:44 16 Jun 22
We are very happy with Farina Orthodontist Specialist. We have seen a lot of progress and my daughter loves coming here. Thank you to Dr. Farina and his amazing team. Thank you ♥️
Maxi B
13:18 16 Jun 22
Great service always! Everyone is so nice, you dont have to wait when you arrive. 100 percent recommended!
Chaz N.
13:15 16 Jun 22
The people at Farina are SO nice! The people here are so gentle with the nervous kids and adults who come to get their braces on or off. They also do the job so well, for example: my brother had terrible teeth and only 1 year later, he has beautiful teeth! I’m very excited to get my braces on!
megan N.
13:13 16 Jun 22
We love Dr Farina!! He explains everything to the kids so they understand and feel comfortable before and during every appointment. My kids love coming in and look forward to having fun while they are here. Dr. Farina remembers everyone and makes bonds with his patients that other doctors do not take the time to do!!
mya S.
12:58 16 Jun 22
Mose definitely the place to go for your braces! The staff are always so nice and sweet 🫶🏼. Dr. Farina is for sure the best to go to. I just got my braces off and I love my teeth, thank y’all!!
Shawna D.
20:24 15 Jun 22
Madison is a 2nd generation who just visited Dr. Farina today! Her dad sat in his chair at the old office in Tampa years ago! She was so excited to get her braces. When we left she said the office was so nice and the staff was amazing. She really enjoyed the tablets to play games before going in the back, and I couldn’t agree more! Thank you for such a wonderful visit and we can’t wait to go through this journey with you all! 💕
Andrea V.
20:43 14 Jun 22
Love this office! Always so quick, friendly flexible and CLEAN! Everyone is helpful.
lori G.
12:11 14 Jun 22
My daughter is very excited to have beautiful looking teeth. With the help of Farina Orthodontics she is well on her way. The staff is great, and the office is bright and clean!
13:47 10 Jun 22
We have just started the process here but have been so impressed by the office in Wesley Chapel. They are professional and go above and beyond to make the visits a wonderful experience for the kids!
Michelle M.
14:25 09 Jun 22
We had such a wonderful experience with Farina Orthodontist. My daughter came in with a big gap between her teeth. In less than two years, she teeth are perfectly straight and she’s finally proud to smile. The staff, especially Dr. Farina, was very nice and knowledgeable and the technology used was much more advanced than the other orthodontist during the initial consultation. Happy customer!
Jeremy W.
16:03 08 Jun 22
Absolutely love Farina! Just finished one of my child’s treatments and starting the next!
Melinda B.
12:11 08 Jun 22
Super friendly staff & Dr. Farina is amazing!
Roberto A.
21:08 07 Jun 22
Very friendly staff and Dr. Farina always does a great job. Highly recommend.
Nia T.
19:32 07 Jun 22
Everyone here is AMAZING. Very social high energy environment. They made me feel confident and special while also moving quickly to service me . 10/10 highly recommended. Get your new smile here 🙂
Nia T.
13:05 07 Jun 22
Im so excited for my new braces!! I’ve been speaking with gabby for months planning to get them and I finally have the opportunity to get them today! She has been soooooo sweet and understanding 💕 Honestly just made the process very smooth and she was very engaging. She tells me all the time about her wonderful staff at this location too!
Andreina M.
19:17 06 Jun 22
This place is awesome. Everybody is happy all the time and the Dr Farina is so nice.I definitely recommend this place to everybody.
Angela T.
13:59 31 May 22
Friendly staff. Exceptional care. Dr Farina goes out of his way to make sure patients and families are comfortable and happy.
Lorena Enriquez C.
20:44 24 May 22
Melanie is the best, she pays a lot of attention and makes her clients laugh, if you ever go there maybe you will have luck like Me, and have Melanie, she explains everything very good and makes me feel safe.
Jing S.
13:08 23 May 22
It helped me a lot by sharing some tips about taking care of my teeth, and I’m really thankful for the orthodontists working together to get my teeth looking like how they should. I also like that I get to choose my favorite colors for my braces.
Tiffanie O.
13:10 20 May 22
Everyone here is nothing short of amazing! The kids also have a great time with the staff.
RZ_ G.
20:29 19 May 22
Best place in town
Nicole B.
13:23 19 May 22
We love Dr. Farina, he was my orthodontist when I had braces, before I was a mom. Now, to have him as an orthodontist to my daughter is pretty cool. He made my experience with braces one of the best ever, and now he is doing the exact same all over again. One of the best, you can’t ever go wrong with Mark Farina and his staff. He knows each one of his patients, he’s very aware of what each kid has going on in their lives, he makes sure to let them know that he is not just their orthodontist, but that he takes the time to know who they are as people and not just as a patient. We love him. Thank you for all that you do Dr. Farina!!!
Mm M
13:21 17 May 22
3/26/21Great start to the treatment - lovely staff - great dealWill update as I go through treatment
Rich H.
12:08 11 May 22
Best of the best! Fast, efficient and great people. I always enjoy my daughters appointment with Dr Farina and his staff.
Cassandra P.
19:43 03 May 22
Max loves coming here and loves the fact that they are quick and honestly very friendly! Max enjoys the fact that he can choose colors and has a reward tied to each visit and they talk to him as the patient but always inclusive of keeping the family part of the process . Max Loves Dr. Farina and how he cares about each of his patients 🙌
Joelle G.
19:40 03 May 22
Great experience. Dr. Farina and Dr. Wagner make getting braces fun for kids. They are super patience and thorough with the whole process from beginning to end. Their office is state of the art with the latest technology and equipment. Their staff is extremely polite and professional.
Elizabeth P.
13:27 03 May 22
My daughter had her braces on today. Camila and the orthodontist were very gentle and caring. Miranda was nervous and excited on her first day of braces and they made it a great experience for her.
12:54 03 May 22
Great vibe…great workers! Very professional and personable! Highly recommended!
Crystal U.
20:17 02 May 22
Such an amazing place!
Lily D.
21:19 28 Apr 22
They were very kind both of my appointments, the lady was very gentle while in my mouth putting the Invisalign in.
Mitchelle L.
21:14 28 Apr 22
From the moment we walked into DR. Farina’s officeFor my daughter consultation, it felt like home. The staff absolutely sweet and welcoming. Dr Farina is so energetic and informative they made it so easy to decide that this is we’re she needed to be. We have found our new home thank you to the Wesley Chapel team you guys are simply put Excellent in every way!!!
Melinda G.
20:02 28 Apr 22
I could not be any happier with the progress my daughter Samantha H. has made through Farina Orthodontist. With in the 1st 2 weeks we could visibly see the improvement and she has been nothing but smile since getting her braces. Thanks to Dr. Farina and his fabulous staff member Samantha's confidence is through the roof. Farina Orthodontic is my personal recommendation to whomever ask where to get started with Ortho needs!
Patricia M.
18:30 28 Apr 22
Great overall experience, everyone is very helpful
Jana W.
14:55 28 Apr 22
Dr Farina and his staff are a pleasure to work with! Every appointment is quick and efficient and everyone is so nice all the time! The office is beautiful and state of the art and they give the kids great incentives for keeping up on their end of the bargain. Highly recommend!
Marie F.
14:10 28 Apr 22
Everyone at Farina is amazing and so customer friendly. I have never had a bad experience and very happy we chose them for my daughters orthodontist work! We will be back with my son in a few years!
Cristina P.
12:20 28 Apr 22
Dr. Farina and the staff here are always so welcoming and always answer all of my many questions. It’s rare you see a doctor so involved walking around making sure everyone is ok and educating the parents and patients. We are so happy we chose this practice. It’s been a great experience so far. I would recommend Dr. Farina over and over.
Amableycel A.
00:25 28 Apr 22
Staff is always friendly, attentive and informative to me and my children when we go to our appointments
James C.
15:53 27 Apr 22
Great staff and one of the best and nicest Doctors in town!!
Maria C.
14:27 22 Apr 22
My daughter’s dentist recommended her to see an orthodontic Dr and gave us Dr. Farina’s card. From the begging to date I fell for all great experiences my daughter and I always have. Dr Farina and his team are always on top of everything. They are always so welcoming and nice people to address all concerns! My niece, which lives in Brazil, is very unhappy in how her treatment is taking so long to fix what has to be fixed. I asked Dr Farina if he could give me some suggestions based in all have said to him and all pictures I showed him. He was beyond kindness!!! He saw all the pictures and gave me suggestions in order for her to achieve her treatment faster, even though she’s still in Brazil. Never met any single Dr that could take the time to help like he helped! I’m 100% sure that my daughter is in EXCELLENT HANDS! Thank you so much, Dr Farina.
Lisa T.
12:39 22 Apr 22
My daughter really enjoys going. It has made this experience much easier than I thought it would be.
Layla M.
20:42 18 Apr 22
Amazing experience and amazing facility. I will definitely recommend to all.
19:46 14 Apr 22
Our experience with Dr Farina has been wonderful! We moved from out of state and didn’t know what to expect changing to a new Orthodontist mid-treatment, but Dr Farina and his staff made the process so easy!
Colleen S.
19:36 14 Apr 22
Amazing dentist with an incredible staff!! Highly recommended for the best patient care ❤
15:10 14 Apr 22
I GOT MY BRACES OFF AND I LOOK AMAZING. Sofia did me right oh my god🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Mayllelin G.
13:29 14 Apr 22
Great service, Always answer any question or any concern will recommend 100%.
Owen H.
12:43 13 Apr 22
I had Courtney today and she was amazing!!
Pascal P.
18:17 12 Apr 22
Great experience, very experienced and always clean, on time and results are already showing!!Thank you!!
Angela M.
18:15 12 Apr 22
Absolutely love it here! They make you part of their family from the second you walk through the door. All 4 of my family members have been patients here for years and would never go anywhere else.
Treena A.
13:23 12 Apr 22
Love it here! Staff is very nice and always very efficient with time.
Zae C.
12:33 12 Apr 22
I felt scared at first but the employees made me feel safe
Paula A.
21:07 11 Apr 22
Absolutely love Dr. Farina and his entire staff. Quality is what this doctors office is!! Dr. Farina is so personable and very warm and loving. Hands down, best orthodontist!
18:32 11 Apr 22
It’s a great place.
Fatina A
18:29 11 Apr 22
Always courteous. My son's called back within minutes and is out before I even realize. Love the staff and the treatment. Loved the service and treatment so much came back to Dr. Farina when my daughter needed to get braces. They always go above and beyond and the relationship the staff and Doctor have with the patients and their families is the best I've ever seen.
Adam R.
15:44 11 Apr 22
Nice orthodontist
Carla L.
15:25 11 Apr 22
Great office and people!
Courtney G.
16:51 09 Apr 22
We have 3 boys in treatment with Dr. Farina. We’ve been impressed with the doctors and staff from day one. They are professional, kind and understanding…. even after we’ve lost 2 expanders! Exceptional orthodontic practice, wonderful people and understanding of our financial needs with 3 kids in treatment. I’d highly recommend it to anyone!
Fernanda Guerra F.
20:57 08 Apr 22
My daughter is always excited for her appointments! Great staff! I’m very happy with her treatment so far!
niccole G.
19:50 08 Apr 22
We love Farina orthodontics! Amazing staff, always helpful and just a wonderful atmosphere. The entire experience thus far has been wonderful for my daughter!
18:54 08 Apr 22
Getting braces👍 Nice place
Candice T.
17:49 08 Apr 22
We love how clean the office is, the ease of scheduling appointments and the attention to detail. Highly recommend Farina Orthodontics.
Jessica H.
14:42 08 Apr 22
Mark Farina and his staff are amazing
Christian B.
13:07 08 Apr 22
Smoothest process to get started! The whole team genuinely cares and takes time to answer any questions and make sure you’re cared for.
Michael G.
19:57 07 Apr 22
My son got liners and they have made a big difference! Dr. Farina and the staff were very professional.
Dylandude113 D.
21:06 06 Apr 22
The lady was nice i am exited to see my smile change!
Maxwell J.
19:34 06 Apr 22
The boss is super nice. I feel very welcome here.
Rovid R.
17:56 06 Apr 22
Dr. Farina is awesome, he gave us clear instructions about all the process making my daughter feel at ease.
Christine R.
13:55 06 Apr 22
Amazing experience from start to finish. Our 12 year old has perfect teeth and this office made the process extremely easy and enjoyable. It’s a great atmosphere with energetic staff. Highly recommend!
Christen D.
20:25 04 Apr 22
Friendly staff and great experience!
15:31 04 Apr 22
Dr. Farina and staff are friendly and professional. I'm so happy with my new smile 😁
Brian P.
13:37 04 Apr 22
Awesome staff! Very attentive and great with not only our child but all patients who visit. Highly recommend Farina for any orthodontic treatment!
Brian H.
14:53 03 Apr 22
Dr. Farina and his staff have been great. Very efficient and informative. Convenient and the kids don't even dread going.
Teresa J.
13:17 01 Apr 22
Best ROI! I have a million dollar smile in 10 months. Love the energy at the office. Everyone is so professional and fun! Dr Farina is so kind!
12:43 01 Apr 22
best orthodontist
Chrissie M.
14:33 31 Mar 22
Dr Farina is extremely kindhearted and welcoming makes every visit fun and enjoyable to go to. An amazing and outstanding Orthodontist for my daughter Kaylee. The staff is also out of this world and easy to work with as well they make every thing simple to understand are great with communication.
Xiara M.
12:59 31 Mar 22
Dr. Farina’s office is always so helpful and patient with us during our process. I would highly recommend them!
Barbara T.
20:56 30 Mar 22
We love Dr Farina and his staff!!! They are so great!!!!
Andrea K.
20:24 30 Mar 22
They are AMAZING! I can not say enough positive remarks about the entire team. They are ALWAYS on time, incredibly informative to both the kids AND the parents, and always make time if an issue arises. Dr. Farina is meant to work with kids. He's calm, courteous, friendly, and always pleasant. The entire team makes it so the kids WANT to follow the guidelines........the point system helps too 🙂
cody D.
15:36 30 Mar 22
Very nice place and friendly staff will be back to this location for sure!
Kris L.
15:18 30 Mar 22
Excellent orthodontist!!! Highly Recommend!!! Awesome with my 10 year old who was terrified of going to the dentist until now!!! They really go that extra mile!!!!!
Gwendy A.
13:19 30 Mar 22
Both of my boys love Dr.Farina and his staff! Super friendly and helpful! Would definitely recommend!
Darryl K.
13:13 30 Mar 22
Love the service always on time the best with young kids and great people and love that the doctor always talks to you and the kids I will say and recommend them to everyone I know
Olivia B.
13:02 30 Mar 22
Staff is always friendly and professional.
Dustin B.
12:26 30 Mar 22
Love the visits with staff and Dr. Always fast and efficient. Very friendly!
12:24 30 Mar 22
The staff is very warm and attentive.
Mabel P.
12:42 29 Mar 22
We love to come to see dr Farina, the staff is phenomenal, they are very nice and professional. We like the atmosphere, and more important, everyone that we have seen so far do a really good job . I will definitely recommend Dr Farina
careddys S.
14:27 28 Mar 22
Muy profesionales, amables el establecimiento todo muy limpio en realidad recomendados al 100% por el excelente trabajo de ortodoncia en mi hijo
Joe N
13:50 25 Mar 22
Great office, nice staff. My teeth are straight and look great!
B S.
19:01 24 Mar 22
Awesome Staff
Karen S.
19:00 24 Mar 22
The Kiddos love Dr. Farina
Gavin L.
12:59 24 Mar 22
Dr.farina is awesome to go to I really like it there really helping me look good for the ladies
Dr Farina is an amazing orthodontist. They are very gentle and are really helping with my smile. I love coming in for appointments. It is so clean and nice there. They are the best!
Mel P.
22:55 23 Mar 22
I look forward to my visits at this point, everyone is so kind and they do everything so efficiently. After every visit my teeth are straighter and I’m so excited.Melanie Pascal Ortiz
Cryssy C.
20:43 23 Mar 22
The entire staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. They tell you everything up front so there aren’t any surprises in treatment or in the financial part. I’m glad we chose this Dr and this practice for my daughters braces.
a p
20:41 23 Mar 22
Very clean and very professional. All staff members are friendly and always smiling.
17:33 23 Mar 22
We love Dr. Farina and all the staff here. Everyone is so nice and our daughters love coming here. Such a fun filled environment.
Kristy K.
12:19 23 Mar 22
Always a nice experience to come to Dr. Farina’s office. They have a well-oiled machine running there. We never have to wait long and are always seen right on time. They’re friendly and efficient. Dr. Farina is good with kids going through braces!
Kaylan R.
19:59 22 Mar 22
Love this office staff is so friendly and professional. Dr. Farina is so awesome.
Caro M.
19:44 22 Mar 22
Great office staff and always timely. I like how Dr Farina interacts with all of his patients during their visits.
Sunil P.
15:04 22 Mar 22
Stephanie R.
14:36 22 Mar 22
I started braces at 49 and the time went so quickly. At times I thought I was nuts getting braces mid-life, but I am so happy I did. I finally have”that” smile that I have always wanted-with the increased confidence that comes with a straight, symmetrical smile. . Do it! The time goes by quickly and lasts a lifetime.The staff and Dr. Farina is caring, patient and attentive. The offices have a positive, forward thinking vibe. He paid extra attention to get my bite correct which is very important to feel comfortable and natural. Great experience. Go for it! 🙂
Jameela S.
14:08 22 Mar 22
Every visit has been very nice and a welcoming experience. Dr. Farina and his staff are very friendly. There's usually hardly any wait time as the staff work extremely hard in ensuring that appointments move smoothly. I definitely recommend this orthodontist and the South Tampa location!
Lovely M.
22:38 21 Mar 22
This is my first time ever wearing braces & let me tell you my first in person experience with Farina Orthodontic so far has been amazing! From the moment you walk in the door you feel welcomed, the young ladies at the front desk greet you immediately & with beautiful smiles! Dr.Farina himself is amazing! He makes sure to be hands on & interact with every patient! They will accommodate you financially with payment plans & the process is quick & easy! Also look at this cute little message they sent in the mail for me!
Jamie L.
20:46 21 Mar 22
My daughter loves this orthodontist!
Larry F.
16:08 21 Mar 22
Myself and both my children come here and have had a great experience.
The Pineda T.
15:27 21 Mar 22
Excelente servicio y atención!
Trudy H.
13:32 21 Mar 22
Always a pleasure visiting! The Dr. Always asks about family life and how my son is doing. Everyone is pleasant and goes over and beyond the call of duty to provide excellent customer service!
Jackie P.
12:48 21 Mar 22
Great experience!!! Happy with outcome!!!
Best service ever they even give own tooth brushes for the treatment and are incredibly nice i would love to donate to the building to spread around
Breaker9002 J.
19:25 17 Mar 22
It’s been a good experience since I’ve started coming here and I recommend bringing yourself or your kids
Sunil P.
18:18 17 Mar 22
I really like their work. The staff is really nice and it’s a good, clean environment. I also like how they are very engaging with the patients and make them enjoy their time and visit.
Nick C.
14:21 17 Mar 22
Best place to go for Invisalign. Great customer service, communication. All around great experience!! Thank you Dr. Farina
Linda B.
18:40 16 Mar 22
Other than our orthodontist in California, we would never go anywhere else. There’s no need to! The staff is friendly, accommodating and never excessive! Honestly! It’s comfortable, professional and friendly!
Catalina T.
17:58 16 Mar 22
What an AWESOME time I experienced at the office of Dr. Farina on 10/16/17 (the Amberly Dr. Office). The environment is open and friendly and very calming. I have always been terrified of the dentist due to the very sharp instruments needed to probe my pearly whites. This time I did not hesitate to be examined my nerves were in tact and heart was not beating fast. But, what I enjoyed most was the conversation with Dr. Farina and Jan. It was all about what I desired and what plan of action do I want to take to achieve a much more beautiful smile. Thanks to the entire Farina Family of Orthodontics, I am looking forward to my journey and seeing the results.
Catalina T.
17:50 16 Mar 22
I owe my beautiful smile to Dr. Farina and his wonderful staff.
Catalina T.
15:55 16 Mar 22
It is always am AWESOME experience at Farina Orthodontics. The entire staff is wonderful and very nice but most of all, they all know me by name.
Lego bros E.
15:29 16 Mar 22
Relly good job I got a metal spacer and it worked perfectly and did not hurt at all😂
Rachel V.
13:36 16 Mar 22
I’ve never experienced a more efficient, friendly and financially clear medical facility.
Melissa N.
12:54 16 Mar 22
My daughter has had braces for 1.5 years & we could not be happier with how beautiful her teeth look. Today was my sons turn! Everyone is always so patient & kind, I cannot recommend Farina enough!
27 Y.
20:24 15 Mar 22
Excellent experience and everyone was polite and caring
Lara A.
20:08 15 Mar 22
Dr. Farina Orthodontic Specialists is a very good place to get the help you need for your teeth. The doctors treat you very well and even go at your own pace. 5/5 would recommend.
Paola S.
17:55 15 Mar 22
Superb service across the board. Happy to know our daughter is in such great hands.
winston S.
14:56 15 Mar 22
I Absolutely love being a patient here. Very knowledgeable and professional and my teeth look amazing!!!! Definitely the way to go.
Jo 1.
14:33 15 Mar 22
What an Amazing Impeccable Journey I had With Invisalign, It Changed My Life With My Spectacular Smile 😃
Maria C.
18:42 14 Mar 22
Wonderful service for both of my kids with good prices
Lesly R.
18:14 14 Mar 22
Great medical office, wonderful and warm experience from start to finish. Appreciate Dr. Farina and his team for taking time to go over my son’s treatment options. Highly recommended.
Kate H.
15:08 14 Mar 22
Everyone was really nice and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Farina always asked about more than just how your teeth were. He asked about school and your sport and your life and he cared about more than just your teeth.
lissey S.
12:53 14 Mar 22
Very clean and professional
Jahnaye J.
19:43 08 Mar 22
I just love everyone they are so nice and friendly
Patrick S.
16:26 08 Mar 22
Professional and excellent customer service from day #1. Every visit thereafter has been just as professional and warm. My son’s teeth needed help and boy did Dr. Farina and his group fix them! I would recommend everyone go to him.
Tina V.
16:21 08 Mar 22
I love coming to Farina. Fast, friendly and happy atmosphere. 😊
Aaron R.
13:11 08 Mar 22
My oldest comes here for braces and he loves coming for all his appointments! Doctor Farina and staff are absolutely amazing!
John D.
21:50 07 Mar 22
Amazing staff! Punctual, kind, patient, -and entertaining! Dr. Farina has taken care of our entire family with great care and results!
Cindy K.
21:33 07 Mar 22
I love coming to my appointments. Everyone is so nice and caring.
Courtney C.
19:16 07 Mar 22
Best orthodontist in town!
Richelle B.
18:57 03 Mar 22
Dr. Farina and his entire staff has been so helpful and informative throughout the entire process. My daughter was a little nervous to get her braces but they took the time and explained everything to her! She loves coming here!!
15:18 03 Mar 22
Farina Orthodontist is the most awesome place! They have been great since day one, always very attentive and very personal like your family. The overall experience is the best. The doctor and the staff are always willing to answer any questions you may have and always willing to help my daughter with helping keep her braces clean and in tact. Can’t wait to see the end results 🙂
Devan W.
14:04 01 Feb 22
We currently have 3 children under the care of Dr. Farina. My boys love him and all the nurses. My oldest says hes funny and makes him laugh each visit. The twins said they like coming here and that is never hurts.
Parker M.
13:10 01 Feb 22
This is a great place and I highly recommend for orthodontics
Dionne S.
14:09 26 Jan 22
Farina Ortho is great! They take extra care to make sure you are educated about the process, the customer service is easy and well-organized. Each appointment is efficient and I'm always greeted with a smile both by Dr. and staff! I highly recommend to anyone seeking service in Tampa.
Amanda P.
14:04 24 Jan 22
We have been so encouraged by the care of our daughter (and her teeth) at Farina Orthodontics.
Vanessa M.
16:07 20 Jan 22
Love Dr Farina and all his staff! They take their time with you and have all the latest technologies! I send all my friends and family to him!
Colleen S.
19:44 19 Jan 22
Our daughter always has a great experience. The Doctor and staff are great with her.
Bobby F.
21:57 18 Jan 22
Dr. Farina and his staff make the entire orthodontal experience a fun and positive one for our kids. Recommend. Look no further.
Sprint K.
20:12 18 Jan 22
Great experience. Very accommodating and friendly
S J.
19:41 18 Jan 22
One of the best experiences with a dentist in the area. Patient friendly, kind, and superb expertise in providing the perfect smile.
Deborah S.
16:06 18 Jan 22
So far my experience with Farina orthodontics has been great. The staff and Dr. Farina have been kind and have great customer service. I look forward to completing my treatment with them. I will be back with an update and photos once I am complete 🙂 !
Margaret D.
15:49 18 Jan 22
This place is amazing!!! By far the best orthodontist in South Tampa , Dr.Farina is so patient and he really knows his stuff! I thought I was gonna be a loss cause but he reassured me that he could fix my smile in 12-15 months. Fast forward 8 months and my treatment is ALMOST done. The results are amazing and I’m so glad I decided to go ahead with the treatment. Dr. Farina and his staff are the best, always so welcoming and answer all my questions!!
Rachel G.
15:18 18 Jan 22
As a long time patient of Dr. Farina (braces as a kid and Invisalign as an adult), I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Dr. Farina and his staff are always incredibly kind and never make you feel bad about missing appointments or inconsistently wearing Invisalign trays. They’ve done such a good job, that I sadly probably won’t see them again once I’m done with treatment. If you’re looking for a fantastic orthodontist, look no further.
Samantha B.
14:09 17 Jan 22
Farinas office was so welcoming from the first time I stepped in.. very knowledgeable and everyone is so friendly and kind!
20:34 13 Jan 22
Great experience. Glad we found Dr. Farina.
Joan F.
19:31 12 Jan 22
Today was my first time here and OMG !!!I will be recommending this Orthodontic Office to all my family and friends!! Thank you guys
Jerome M.
16:44 12 Jan 22
Melissa is so sweet and nice 😊
Maya L.
16:42 07 Jan 22
My experience has been great. My teeth were very crooked and now they are straight.
Hailey P.
14:42 07 Jan 22
Been with Farina Orthodontics for a few years, and they are great! Every appointment is fast and comfortable, and they are very good at what they do! Would definitely recommend going to Farina Orthodontics for treatments such as Invisalign.
Michele J.
13:21 07 Jan 22
My son loves the whole staff of Dr. Farina. He was so scared to get braces and they made him so comfortable that before he got to the chair his whole attitude had changed. I highly recommend him.
Amanda H.
20:58 06 Jan 22
Dr. Farina and his entire staff are all so professional, welcoming, and every appointment we go to we are in and out. Hardly any wait time! My son actually likes coming to his appointments for his braces because he enjoys the staff so much. I will always recommend them!
Jason M.
19:55 06 Jan 22
Everything gets explained well and you feel involved and in the know throughout the whole process. Had braces growing up, didn’t wear retainers through college, and Invisalign through Farina has been doing a great job at getting my smile back to where I wanted!
Heela S.
17:53 06 Jan 22
Dr. Farina is an amazing orthodontist with a great attitude. No matter how sad you are, he will bring smile to your face with his positivity. Their service is awesome and I am happy so far. I recommend this place to my family and friends as well.
Sam D.
16:06 06 Jan 22
The best experience ever! Dr. Mark is so friendly and knowledgeable he always makes me feel better about my smile and myself in general. Melissa is so sweet. Can’t recommend enough. Thank you Dr. Farina and the team
Christopher M.
15:32 06 Jan 22
They are without a doubt the most caring health care providers we’ve ever encountered. My wife and two children are patients and the level of individual attention is just amazing. Dr Farina himself never fails to spend significant time with us and I am always amazed at how he knows the specifics of each patient. His large staff is professional and very patient centered. We never wait for an appointment. They are always on time or ahead of schedule. We could not be more pleased!
Erik G.
14:20 06 Jan 22
As a post college orthodontist patient, I had been reluctant to get my teeth straightened. Dr Farina and his team were nothing short of amazing once I decided to take the leap of faith. I felt taken care of and valued the whole way and love my new smile! If you are looking for the best treatment in Tampa at a fair price, Farina is the place to go.
Victor C.
20:59 21 Dec 21
Excellent service!! Mi mejor experiencia en Tampa!! Y lo mejor hablan español.
Dana L.
15:19 21 Dec 21
Dr. Farina made my experience amazing throughout the entire process from start to finish. Not to mention all his wonderful assistants & to Dr. Rudy as well for being there since the beginning. Wouldn’t have gone with any other orthodontist in the area & I will recommend to anybody looking. Thank you so much to Melissa as well for making my deband process as quick & efficient as possible guiding me through the entire process. Always enjoy chatting with the girls in the office their amazing thank you so much guys couldn’t have made my birthday any better!!
15:04 21 Dec 21
Dr Farina and staff are amazing! The office is always clean and everyone is friendly, it made my adult braces journey enjoyable. They were very patient with me and ensured that I got my perfect smile!
Henry M.
20:33 15 Dec 21
Great and quick service. They are very nice
April L.
15:19 15 Dec 21
Total 5 star experience ... my grill has never looked better! The whole office is so sweet and professional and Dr Farina is one of the most enthusiastic people I have met.... he will make you smile in more ways than one 😁
Queen P.
15:32 13 Dec 21
I have been wanting braces for a loooonnnnggg time since as long as I remember and FINALLY I met a orthodontics that have help me along my journey of having straight , pretty teeth!! They done an amazing job in just 15 months
Heaven H.
18:23 09 Dec 21
Had a great and positive experience over the last year and a half. Couldn't ask for a better orthodontist!
Queen D.
20:03 07 Dec 21
Thank you for all the hard work you and your staff has done so far on helping to recreate my beautiful smile .Tina T
Jose G.
14:34 07 Dec 21
Awesome 👏
Ryan B.
14:32 01 Dec 21
Both my daughter and I go to Dr. Farina. We have been to all 3 locations depending on the convenience of the appointment. We have had great results and A+ care and communication. Highly recommend.
Charlie B.
19:37 29 Nov 21
I love it here the staff is very friendly it’s very nice and clean my visits are really good I love this location
Derianys C.
16:01 29 Nov 21
La mejor experience feliz con todo el members ♥
Sashally R.
15:13 29 Nov 21
I have been coming here for over a year and my experience has been amazing the staff and dentist are great and welcoming. The only negative I have is if you are past 10 min late they reschedule you, but I’m everything else they are amazing. I would recommend to anyone.
16:26 23 Nov 21
Everyone is always so nice here! Quick visits.
Yohan S
16:05 23 Nov 21
Best in the business. Melissa was great!!
Cam G.
14:30 23 Nov 21
Dr. Farina and the staff are outstanding! Helped tremendously with my smile, and are always in great spirits.
Gigante P.
03:23 22 Nov 21
Dr. Mark Farina and Farina Orthodontics have been a mainstay and the go to for almost 30 years. Not only did both of my kids get their braces in The New Tampa office, but so did I. The are innovative, friendly and professional! You are in good hands with Farina!
Joey G.
19:53 21 Nov 21
Fast and kind staff good results so far overall quality service
Jennifer I.
21:43 17 Nov 21
We have been very happy with the service we receive at Farina Orthodontics. Dr. Farina is patient and takes the time to explain steps of treatment to us at each visit. Appointments are also consistently on time and run efficiently. Thank you!
Megan H.
20:28 17 Nov 21
This experience had been amazing with Farina. Always prompt and courteous service every appointment. The staff and doctors are always eager to assist with my concerns and find a solution for me. I love that I’ve found them and will refer friends and family ALWAYS!
Quitoria C.
19:39 17 Nov 21
The best orthodontists !!!!!! Dr. Farina is AMAZING!! I have been here for 8 months and it has been nothing but outstanding service!!!! He has the best energy in the world ! You can come in upset and leave out feeling very good ! South Tampa staff are phenomena they welcome you with a smile so bright I can tell they all love what they do! I appreciate you all so much ! And your work doesn’t go unnoticed!!! Btw u have recommended four family whom is now with the Farina family! Thank you all for an amazing job!!
08:38 17 Nov 21
I love the south Tampa office dr Farina and the ladies are nice and they will take care of you! Inexpensive and they work with you!!
Jasdeep C.
23:20 16 Nov 21
Great place! Dr. Farina and his staff were very professional and explained everything clearly.
Carsyn._. E.
20:56 15 Nov 21
Very good, love the rewards program
Alex R.
19:56 15 Nov 21
The service was very good and nice I also had a couple laughs so overall it was a great experience can’t wait to come back
Unique R.
14:08 15 Nov 21
The people here are really nice and respectful they are helping me to get the smile that I have always wanted the doctor socializes with all the patients ensuring that they can feel comfortable and recognized by the staff when I came in they gave me a warm welcome and asked questions to make sure I felt comfortable. I LOVE IT HERE !!!
liping T.
21:43 09 Nov 21
Very professional, they helped me a lot to make my teeth pretty. The staffs there are nice and the service was good. Thank you Farina.
Tania P.
20:09 07 Nov 21
Excelente Services, that I treat so kindly and the speed with which they work.
17:23 07 Nov 21
Clean, modern, spacious. The people here are very nice, professional, and efficient. I got braces and X-rays in probably 20 minutes tops.
kamecia P.
13:53 26 Oct 21
Dr. Farina is phenomenal. I started my Invisalign journey a few years back, well I decided to return and complete my treatment with clear braces. I flew in from Texas just to see Dr. Farina. I would not have it any other way. Dr and his staff are truly amazing. They explain the entire process from start to finish. Best work ever. Extremely satisfied. Highly recommended. I truly love these guys!!!!! Thank you.
Nicole R.
12:19 26 Oct 21
Very very nice staff and clean office
Maria Lavery (.
14:23 25 Oct 21
Farina orthodontics has been great with our son. Dr. Farina has been there to watch our son grow and change over the two years he has had braces and is so supportive, not only with the braces but also being a doctor that cares about each patient as a person. Dr Farina always takes time with his patients and families. The assistants are very understanding and caring and are always ready to answer questions. I highly recommend Farina.
Judi B.
22:52 22 Oct 21
Dr. Farina and his staff are friendly and always there for their patients. He and his staff are professional, pay attention to detail and are devoted to their patients. I strongly recommend Dr.Farina!
Dejah J.
15:53 22 Oct 21
Absolutely love it here! They are really fast and they work with you. I was a transfer and it didnt affect my treatment at all if anything it made it better. Very friendly staff and very good communication. Highly recommend.
Alexis T.
15:32 22 Oct 21
Farina Orthodontics is amazing! Their staff is so nice and friendly. Ali and Melissa made me feel well informed through my journey to a straighter smile! There is a reason Farina Orthodontics is voted #1 in Tampa Bay. Thank you Dr. Farina!!
Jocelyn M.
14:57 22 Oct 21
Couldn’t ask for anything better . Best experience 💕 love the staff ❤️ Thank you farina ❤️
Teena H.
17:09 20 Oct 21
Dr. Farina and staff are the best! Our 4 boys have all gone through braces with him over a period of 14 years. They always fit us in, whether it was for routine care or same day appointments for acute care. I have utmost respect and confidence in Dr. Farina!
Shaunte F.
14:35 20 Oct 21
I started my treatment of braces with Farina Orthodontist when I was a transfer from another orthodontist. I had a severe open bite and farina Orthodontist exceeded my expectations by closing my bite fully. The staff is always friendly, and the office is always clean. I highly recommend them if you are thinking about getting braces””.
Javi G.
12:39 20 Oct 21
Really good staff and doctor is amazing. Really nice vibes as soon as you walk in.!! Always treat me like i am they're only patient....! Couldn't recommend them more.
Alex M.
12:06 20 Oct 21
The staff is very welcoming and friendly. Enjoy coming to this office. Dr.Farina, is very special, kind and encouraging. Thank you for all you do.
Mama P
12:11 15 Oct 21
From communicating over the phone to being in the office, my entire experience was so pleasant! The staff is extremely professional and welcoming. They let you know everything they’re doing from start to finish and do what they can to make you as comfortable as possible. Dr. Farina is absolutely wonderful, very good at what he does and super quick as well. He put my braces on in record time lol I couldn’t believe it! I had no discomfort and am very pleased with my decision to come here! 10/10 highly recommend!!!
15:16 14 Oct 21
Absolutely when I first walked in there... It felt like I'd been there numerous times before ! The staff are completely kind, caring and just pleasant. I can say Dr. Rudy is just perfect! I love Melody, and Dawn ! Would highly recommend! Oh yeah started my braces May 16th, 2018 best decision ever. 😉😉2021 - “ Still the Best Place !!!! Staff always welcoming and Sweet! “ Highly Recommended⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Sam B
14:57 14 Oct 21
I highly recommend Farina Orthodontics! They are extremely patient and kind, Dr. Farina and the staff are hands down the absolute best.
LanRx S.
14:13 14 Oct 21
Dr. Farina is the best doctor around. Melissa did a great job at my appointment today.
Edgar G.
13:21 14 Oct 21
I’m a transfer with braces from a different state and they gladly accepted me. I was nervous about coming thinking something would go wrong but they’re actually CORRECTING some mistakes my previous ortho made. Definitely feel more assured my teeth will come out great with this orthodontics. The staff is very friendly, attentive, caring. 10/10 would recommend.
Camille R.
12:43 14 Oct 21
I have had an amazing experience at Farina Orthodontics. My teeth were terrible....like need surgery on my jaw terrible. It has been a long road but I'm finally starting to see the smile I have always wanted. No surgery needed. We are almost done and can't wait to see my future smile. Everyone has been amazing to work with during this journey 🙂
Anthony S.
12:27 12 Oct 21
Great Orthodontist, family friendly. The staff is beyond awesome, and I can’t say enough goods things about Dr Farina. Him and his staff make you feel welcomed and you leave with a huge smile. 10 stars if available.
Natalie H.
13:11 01 Oct 21
From the first phone call to do my Invisalign consult to my first appointment everyone was amazing, kind and happy! This whole process has been seamless! Looking forward to see my progress during this process!
Brendy M.
13:06 30 Sep 21
Once you walk in the door you are being greeted. Everyone is so nice and care about you. This is An amazing place to come to. Definitely recommend!!
Trudy H.
20:16 28 Sep 21
Customer service is beyond 5 stars! Nice, clean office and staff members! Always available and going over and beyond to make sure that everything is going ok with my son! You pay for what you get , don’t second guess Dr. Farina and his staff!
Neila O.
19:36 28 Sep 21
Love Dr Farina and his team. I drive very far to have my kids treated here, they are amazing at what they do. Professionalism at its best!!!
Yurisbeth De La C.
18:53 28 Sep 21
Dr. Farina and stuff are amazing!!! They did a good job with my son and now he has a beautiful smile. Thank you Dr. for everything…
Claire F.
14:20 28 Sep 21
We have had a great experience at Farina with everyone we have encountered. They are very personable and professional. I highly recommend them!
Fari T.
21:30 23 Sep 21
Great experience!
Katie O.
12:09 20 Sep 21
Farina ortho has been such a big help in my journey to healthier teeth! They’re always inviting and make every appointment exciting. My teeth are shifting so nicely and look amazing in the short 9 months that I’ve been coming here. Definitely recommend this practice to anyone seeking a new smile!
Denster W.
12:24 17 Sep 21
Amazing Team ! Best service and I couldn’t have gotten a better experience!! Thank you !
ruby R.
20:17 16 Sep 21
Friendly staffs and very clean place, will recomend
Elise R.
18:10 14 Sep 21
I had braces when I was younger over 20 years ago and I was dreading the orthodontic process again to re straighten my teeth. WOW, was I blown away. Not only was the entire staff friendly and accommodating, the technology and options available are second to none. Dr. Farina takes the time to thoroughly explain your treatment plan and is truly an expert at what he does. I look forward to my new smile and I know that it will be flawless thanks to the team at Farina! Photo is Day 1 of Invisalign - you can't even tell I have it in!
LaCesia T.
13:57 14 Sep 21
Very friendly, clean, fast and professional. Dr. Farina is do nice.
Journey W.
12:26 14 Sep 21
I just started my Invisalign with them, and they are very efficient with what they do. They are very welcoming and encouraging. Getting my Invisalign was very easy and quick with them, and their staff is incredibly kind!
Kelsey S
12:06 14 Sep 21
Every time I come, everyone is so nice and helpful and answers all my questions! I love coming here- highly recommend.
13:12 03 Sep 21
Nice smile.
Kris C.
13:41 24 Aug 21
They are fantastic! All 4 of my kids were/are patients and had braces from Dr Farina! Now it’s my turn! Im 51! But figured that now is a great time since I wear a mask all day at work anyway! Now when the masks finally come off- my teeth will be perfect!!! The staff is wonderful and Dr. Farina is awesome! They are all like family.
Cassandra H.
20:11 23 Aug 21
My son came in excited about getting braces and he didn’t realize what a miracle would happen when he passed through the Farina doors ! He went from having teeth that were spaced and apart to a beautiful smile from ear to ear every time he visits 😉 They staff is friendly and Dr. Farina makes sure every person feels special in his office … no guesswork only facts about what to do and always a pleasure to visit. Appointments are quick and the service far above excellent !
Amanda W.
14:42 19 Aug 21
My daughter’s experience of getting her braces on was quick & exciting for her!
Daphne A.
13:30 18 Aug 21
Dr farina is the best in the business the staff and dr farina are very courteous and very friendly. They make you feel at home. I highly recommend them.
Jennifer L.
12:16 18 Aug 21
I was in no way an easy client as I procrastinated for years with my trays. They stayed with me through all the years until I finally reached my last day!! I lived 32 years with my crooked smile and Farina has forever changed me and I’m extremely grateful! The best!! Highly recommend!!! I will recommend people always!!
Morgan B.
15:07 12 Aug 21
Been coming here for 4 years now and I absolutely love this place!! Such sweet orthodontists who always chat it up with me :))
Viviana A.
13:00 12 Aug 21
Terrific service and experience. I started and completed my Invisalign treatment during the pandemic and was pretty nervous. The staff was efficient and displayed excellent communication of all policies and procedures. Dr. Farina and staff were always friendly, mindful of my time and would answer any little question I had. My only regret is not doing this sooner. I can’t believe how easy they made the experience.
Richard G.
12:18 12 Aug 21
20 years ago I wore braces for 2 1/2 years my teeth were works of art shining across the land during my Army and Acting career and then tragedy struck as I didn’t wear my retainer....for 10 years....Dr. Farina and his staff are like the Special Forces of Teeth Straightening, they basically parachuted into enemy territory as I whined and complained about having to wear Invisalign and reassured me it would be super easy.I thought it would be an expensive nightmare, but I was wrong THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!They have zero interest program. I had acting friends that spent money on those “Instagram” teeth aligners and ended up needing oral surgery or get re-repaired by professionals.If you want to have the smile of your life come to the 2nd happiest place on earth where they treat you like royalty with crowns and all! (Dentist joke)
Zoe T.
12:45 10 Aug 21
I got braces with Farina when I was a kid, I’m 26 now and still wear the same Retainer I was given when I was little! He did a wonderful job
Michael S.
12:46 06 Aug 21
I’ve been a patient here for over 10 years and every second of it I’ve always been treated as part of the family. My teeth and smile have undergone massive changes since I started coming here with the help of Dr. Farina and his staff. He never hesitates to let me know I can reach out to him with any questions about my career plans in the medical or dental field!
Rashida J.
12:36 02 Aug 21
Very accommodating and kind office staff. All of the doctors are amazing as well. I’ll be a little sad when my braces come off in a few months.
12:19 02 Aug 21
Melissa was great
Eliana C.
14:55 30 Jul 21
Best Orthodontics ever, my daughter is so pleased with the entire staff, they are pleasant, friendly, they explain the entire experience step by step. I recommend them to everyone i know. Thankyou Farina team for all you do
Eliz G.
14:04 30 Jul 21
We just Move from San Antonio Texas to Tampa FL and omg we are in Love whit this office and the staff the Dr wow amazing 10 ✨ The best choice I can do its chose them . Thanks guys we Feel very Welcome .
Blas C.
12:13 30 Jul 21
Great staff, awesome service as always @ Farina Orthodontist, can't say enough about how friendly everyone is here
Dylana M.
15:32 29 Jul 21
Ive been coming here for about 4 years and I couldn’t ask for more in a orthodontist office. The workers are so nice and Farina himself always makes me laugh and makes a normal visit so much better
Claudia A.
14:12 29 Jul 21
Me and my brother have been coming to Farina for years and he truly gave me the smile of my dreams and is doing the same for him! No better place to go to get the smile you’ve always wanted!
Nina S.
13:23 29 Jul 21
The atmosphere is positive and people are passionate about their job. They helped fix my teeth from my previous mistakes. The orthodontist I originally went removed my braces when I still had an overbite and crooked teeth. Farina didn’t want to remove my braces until my teeth were perfect. I really appreciated how much they cared for my smile. Great place and amazing people 🙂
John P.
20:13 27 Jul 21
Great place! Very professional and accommodating. Braces are definitely their profession. They are great with both my kids. Would highly recommend them.
Aileen B.
22:26 22 Jul 21
I always wanted the smile of my dreams since i can remember. When i meet Dr. Farina and his great team i felt right at home. Everyone is professional and polite. Being with the brackets almost 3 months i seen a difference in my teeth and am so exited to see the results. Thank you!
Ashlee C.
20:09 19 Jul 21
Great staff!
Cynthia H.
19:36 19 Jul 21
Wonderful orthodontic practice. My Invisalign not only improved my smile, but also straightened my bite and eliminated my TMJ problems. Highly recommend.
Very personable and informative office. Answered all of my questions about my daughters dental health. The doctors and staff know their stuff! My daughter’s teeth look amazing!
15:09 19 Jul 21
I recently moved from Mississippi to Florida and while in my search for an orthodontist, I came in path with Dr. Farina's office. I'm extremely pleased with Dr. Farina's work and knowledge when it comes to my orthodontist treatment. Thank you, Dr. Farina for being an amazing doctor ❤
Michael P.
12:31 19 Jul 21
So clean, very inviting and friendly.Gets job done quickly in a blink of an eye by having conversation with their patients. So recommended 😊❤️❤️
Aiko C.
20:19 15 Jul 21
Super nice people and super easy to start Invisalign trays
13:17 15 Jul 21
My experience has been great so far I’m very happy with my smile & more confident, I highly recommend this dentist
Tnera A.
14:08 24 May 21
Very friendly and warm i brung my one year old son in they were so friendly and understanding
16:34 12 May 21
Best in town amazing staff and great team ❣️🎉❣️⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ five more
Micah M.
19:40 28 Mar 21
Great experience. I recommend this company. Staff was friendly professional and pretty lol
Teresa B.
19:12 24 Mar 21
Well worth it!!!
Suzie M.
14:30 31 Oct 20
Amazing customer service and Dr. Rudy is great!
Nicole D.
22:21 29 Oct 20
So far my experience has been great. I was very confident and happy in my decision choosing Farina Orthodontics for my Invisalign treatment. Everyone has been very helpful and has answered my questions which made me feel comfortable in this entire process. Getting started was quick and easy and I was comfortable with the price. Further appointments are easy to schedule and are quick.
Deshana J.
14:11 25 Oct 20
Very friendly and fast service. They explained everything so clearly and were excited for me and my new journey. Recommend them 100x.
Lisamarie Berrios S.
14:52 19 Oct 20
Excelent!! 100% recommended.
Brenda G.
14:56 24 Sep 20
Everyone is so friendly and personable while still holding a high level of professionalism.Always feel welcomed!
ivana di P.
14:23 30 Aug 20
All this process started 4 weeks ago, Now I can see little changes but I feel wonderful, My process is for 18 moths. Thanks Farina Orthodontic to help me with my smile 😃
Pegah S.
13:29 26 Aug 20
Professional service, spectacular environment, & incredibly knowledgeable team. We absolutely love the staff and their ability to get us in and out so quickly.
Georg von G.
22:48 26 Feb 20
Amazing service, professionalism and avant-garde technology!
Ashley W.
19:34 12 Feb 20
What a great experience!! Beautiful office and such nice and helpful staff Ashlee was so good at making us feel comfortable even got ice cream lol and Dr.Ferina was so great and attentive ! Was really stressed out with this for my daughter and they made this such a nice experience! Definitely recommend this office !
Jeilyn J.
13:01 29 Jan 20
Beautiful and clean office. The staff is outstanding, very friendly and sweet, the Doctors are wonderful. Highly recommended!!!
Robert C.
17:20 28 Jan 20
Probably the most friendly staff of any business in town. Very organized and professional as well.
17:11 22 Jan 20
Farina Orthodontic Specialists are the best smile experts in Tampa Bay! I highly recommend them for their expertise creating beautiful smiles in a loving and caring way. The staff always welcomes you with a friendly smile. The office is very modern with the latest technology and impecable cleanliness. By the way, I love the new remodeled office & modern style! No doubt they are the best & our family loves going to our checkups! Thank you for all you do for us to create our beautiful smiles!Dr Farina y Dr Rudy son los mejores ortodoncistas de Tampa Bay! Yo los recomiendo por su excelente trabajo, profesionalismo y carisma. Hacen sentir al paciente cómodo y escuchan todas sus preguntas dándonos respuestas fáciles de entender. Las oficinas son muy modernas, limpias & ordenadas... me encanta la nueva remodelación! Su equipo es cariñoso y amable. Sin duda, son expertos en sonrisas bellas ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Kelly G.
15:13 31 Oct 19
Always excellent! Friendly, great service and have been very informative on the process and what is next. Can't wait to see the end results, as my teeth have already shifted so much and are already looking amazing!
Jennifer D
10:50 19 Oct 19
Dr. Farina and Rudy are always so amazing with my kids when we come into the office. They have a welcoming environment, are always willing to answer questions, professional, fun, and the kids favorite, dippin dots!!!
LaShawn S.
19:14 22 Sep 19
What a pleasure it is to be in the presence of such greatness!! Dr. Farina and his staff are the epitome of service excellence!
Stefanie B.
18:26 18 Sep 19
We had the initial consolidation, they had all the information that I filled out prior to arrival on line I didn't have anymore paperwork to fill out on arrival , they already got all information from my sons dentist ,My son was called right in. Pictures were taken,the dentist did the survey, we were given the options,and the braces were applied that day..i could not believe how great it was. They have their stuff together and the staff are so nice and happy, just a pleasure to be around
Sunita K.
13:35 26 Aug 19
We have known Dr. Farina, Dr. Rudy & their team from. 2012. My both boys have their great smile through Farina Orthodontics.They are excellent doctors in town. We come from Pennsylvania to meet them. They are AWESOME!!
Ave R.
07:44 13 Aug 19
Since coming to Farina Orthodontics, I have received nothing but the best of care. The staff have been attentive to my needs.They are professional and courteous. Thank you.
Cody H.
12:18 16 Jul 19
I couldn’t be happier with my visit to Dr. Farina’s office. The process of setting my appointment, being in the office (my consultation), and the follow up were all at the highest level, not to mention the awesome facility is the Wesley chapel area! Everyone I spoke with was very sweet and helpful throughout the entire process! Thank you Dr. Farina!!!
Viktor N.
17:59 10 Jul 19
Very nice, friendly staff. Dr Wagner went over my case and explained in detail what the treatment would look like. Looking forward to starting with Invisalign soon.
Sonali J.
13:58 14 Jun 19
The providers and the staff are always amazing! The results we are getting are also amazing. They have a passion for what they do and it shows in every aspect of their care. I would recommend this group to any and every person who needs orthodontic work!
Marco M.
11:48 14 Jun 19
It was all good and everybody was nice.
Llamas are great 4.
11:01 31 May 19
Pleasant experience. Excellent customer service.
Jacqueline T.
09:54 31 May 19
Every time we have a vist, Dr Wagner and staff are very attentive, professional and caring. The Dr always explains everything so that my son understands. I trust my family and fruends with them Excellent service!! We are blessed to have them for my sons Invisalign.
Marcia's T.
03:05 13 May 19
One of the best, if not the best, dental examinations I have ever had. I will be recommending this place to whoever needs dental help. I will be back here for further work as soon as I can. Thankyou so much for everything.
Jaime W.
13:05 05 May 19
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Sherry A
13:10 30 Apr 19
Dr. Farina and his staff are terrific!! I never have to wait very long for office visits and all of the staff are very courteous and helpful. They are knowledgeable and are always able to answer my questions. Dr. Farina is so nice and he's always really helpful and makes sure that my treatment is on track. I am very thankful to have found this office!
Sarah H.
16:48 26 Apr 19
Most professional team! I initially went there for minor adjustments, that other places laughed at and told me I was crazy. But not this place. And they are so fast. I didnt expect to get my braces on the same day as my consultation. Amazing people!
Meredith B
14:30 17 Apr 19
Everytime we come to the office we are treated so well. Dr. Farina (and Dr.Rudy) always makes us feel like family. My child looks forward to his visits!!
Gregory V.
22:23 09 Apr 19
We really enjoy the atmosphere and friendly staff at Farina Orthodontics. We are so glad that our son’s retainer is helping him as planned.
16:31 04 Apr 19
The staff was amazing. It is so hard to find excellent customer service, but everyone was so kind and genuine. I loved the way the Dr. included my son while my daughter was getting her braces on. The costs were thoroughly explained. Lastly the technology used is top of the line.
Lillian D.
12:19 02 Apr 19
Came in for a consultation for invisilign and the quote was over $1000 cheaper than with my dentist.
Laura G.
16:52 28 Mar 19
Dr. Farina’s and his staff are always friendly and courteous. This has been our best experience with an orthodontist, and we have used several in the Tampa Bay Area. Fair pricing and great care, I highly recommend!
Deborah M.
10:37 26 Mar 19
We visited Farina for just a consult and to get a cost idea but we were so impressed with the practice and all the good things we heard we started my daughter's treatment plan right away. Every staff member we dealt with was kind and attentive. The office has a great system in getting all types of patients in and out efficiently.
Julie N.
15:48 19 Mar 19
Dr. Farina is amazing! He makes every patient feel special. The office staff is awesome too! I would highly recommend Farina Orthodontics!
Kat Z
17:39 13 Mar 19
Professional and friendly staff! I'm looking forward to starting my Invisalign treatment with Dr. Farina.
Adrienne L.
14:55 11 Mar 19
Another great visit to Farina Orthodontics to see Dr. Rudy! My older son's Phase 1 has come to and end and we are beyond thrilled with the results. My younger son started Phase 1 and we are looking forward to another beautiful smile to come from this treatment. Farina Orthodontics makes the experience so easy with payment plans, appointment reminders, friendly staff and free coffee and waters. My kids love the lanyard and rewards card so they can earn reward points for gift cards, it's very motivating for them to keep up with their treatment plan.
Heather T.
15:02 07 Mar 19
Hands down the most lovely office, staff, and Doctor. The whole operation is aesthetically pleasing and super inviting. I would recommend anyone to see Dr. Farina, his kind personality and warm nature sets you at ease. It also really helps that he has the highest tech available to treat your individual needs.
Andrea S.
14:43 07 Mar 19
We've been seeing Dr. Farina for approx. 9 years! From pre-braces to finished treatment for our oldest daughter to continued treatment for our youngest, we have been well taken care of the entire time. Not only is Dr. Farina a GENIUS, he is warm, friendly and in-tune with kids (and Dr. Rudy seems to be following in his steps)! The staff is equally efficient, friendly and personable. They recognize us as we walk in, greet us by name and have us checked in before we sit down in the waiting room. Though the practice always seems busy, we never wait long and never feel rushed. The summer "parties" they've thrown and the rewards programs they have in place for the kids are special touches that add just that something extra you don't find elsewhere. They are a classy, well-organized and professional practice, with people from the top down doing their jobs very well. Our oldest daughter has the most beautiful teeth we have ever seen! We won't know how to live "Farina-less" when our youngest daughter is finished with her treatment. My husband and I may just have to become patients ourselves:)
Drew Brown I.
08:50 07 Mar 19
Best orthodontist in Florida. Truly a great experience. Dr. Farina is a class act! Highest recommendation.
Odette S.
11:49 05 Mar 19
Excellent team work, very professionals I recommend 100%
Kimberlee G.
02:28 03 Mar 19
Absolutely WONDERFUL place for my child's orthodox work!!! My daughter actually enjoys going to her checkups!!! I can see the difference in her teeth already!!! Thank you!!!