What to Look for When Choosing an Orthodontist

Choosing a healthcare provider, including an orthodontist, is a big decision. Your well-being is extremely important. It affects how you feel day-to-day, and can cause long term health problems if you do not take care of your body properly. At Farina Orthodontic Specialists, we want you to know that we offer the highest caliber of orthodontic care, and we operate in a friendly and comfortable environment. We want you to feel safe to ask questions and get involved in your orthodontics so that you receive nothing but the best results possible.

Quality Care

When choosing an orthodontist, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, you want to make sure that the doctors who work at the practice are qualified and well-educated. Both Dr. Mark Farina and Dr. Rudy Wagner of Farina Orthodontic Specialists have received doctorate degrees in dental medicine. They participate in continuing education programs where they attend seminars and learn about all of the new innovations in the world of orthodontics. Both doctors are members of multiple professional organizations including the American Association of Orthodontists, Florida Association of Orthodontists, Southern Society of Orthodontists, and the American Dental Association. Being a part of these groups allows Dr. Farina and Dr. Rudy to exchange advice and information with other orthodontists across the country, to continually improve their techniques and treatment plans.

In addition to qualified doctors, you want to have treatment options at your orthodontist. Unlike some practices, we want our patients to have a say in their treatment and get involved. This is why we offer a range of services at Farina Orthodontic Specialists. We offer phase 1 and 2 treatment which addresses orthodontic issues in children, teens, and adults. Our list of interventions is lengthy but includes expanders, retainers, braces, Invisalign, bone grafting, wisdom teeth removal, and oral biopsy. Whatever your orthodontic needs may be, you can be sure that Farina Orthodontic Specialists has the experience and expertise to delicately handle your unique situation.

We use cutting edge technology to make our diagnoses and treatment quick and effective. The new iCat and iTero scanners have allowed us to make 2D and 3D digital images of the patient’s maxillofacial areas in as little as 10 minutes. We have 3D printers onsite, as well as an in-house lab to design and fabricate plastic aligners used during Invisalign treatment. This kind of technology can cut down on your treatment time while still giving you amazing results that will make you smile.

Financial Services

Another big deciding factor when choosing which orthodontic practice to use is how much the services provided will cost you. At Farina Orthodontic Specialists we offer complimentary consultations virtually as well as in-person so you can receive information and an informed recommendation from qualified doctors at no cost. We accept many insurance providers including:

  • Aetna PPO
  • Blue Dental PPO / Choice Co-pay
  • Careington
  • Cigna PPO
  • Dental Dental PPO
  • Dental Network of America
  • Guardian PPO
  • Metlife PPO
  • Sunlife PPO
  • United Concordia Standard PPO
  • United Healthcare PPO

Oftentimes, your insurance provider can cover thousands of dollars in treatment, leaving you with just a fraction of the cost to pay out of pocket. We are ready to work with you in coming up with feasible solutions to pay these costs if they are becoming stressful or unmanageable for your family. We use OrthoFi, an in-house financing solution to orthodontic costs, to make orthodontic treatment more affordable for you. OrthoFi helps with insurance processing, as well as coming up with a payment plan that works with your schedule and budget. Payment plans help to divide out of pocket costs into easier-to-pay amounts over a certain duration. This makes treatment costs much less daunting because you do not have to pay all at one time. You can spread payments out over months or even years so treatment puts less stress on you, and your bank account.

Friendly and Welcoming Team

At Farina Orthodontic Specialists we want to make the experience more enjoyable with our welcoming team.  We are committed to providing exceptional care, as well as a remarkable experience along the way.  Existing patients know that each time they return to Farina Orthodontic Specialists, they will receive a warm welcome. New patients, we understand that choosing an orthodontist is a big decision. We respect and encourage your reasons for wanting to improve the way you look and feel. We will work with you to make sure that your orthodontic care is as comfortable and convenient as possible. We never overlook the fact that you are the reason we’re here.