Braces for Adults

It’s Never Too Late For Braces!

Maybe you never had braces, but always wanted your smile to be straighter. Maybe you had braces as a teen, but your teeth have moved, or you’ve noticed pain or bite issues over the years. The good news is adult braces are easier and more comfortable than they ever were, and today’s convenient options, such as virtual appointments and removable braces, allow you to straighten your smile without disrupting your life.

Who Should Get Braces?

Braces are for anyone who would like to straighten teeth for a more beautiful, confident smile. Braces are also for correcting orthodontic issues such as bite misalignment and overcrowding, which can lead to difficulty chewing and breathing. Issues such as chronic jaw pain, TMJ, earaches and bone erosion can also be improved with braces. Whether for pure cosmetics or to enhance health and well-being, the best way to know if you should get braces is to contact Farina Orthodontic Specialists for a free consultation.

Are There Different Types of Braces?

There are multiple types of braces, and depending on your needs, one type may work better for you than another. You can discuss with your orthodontist what your expectations are and decide together what kind of braces will best suit your lifestyle. Traditional braces use metal brackets and wires to apply pressure to the teeth and jaw, moving them into their proper position. This type of braces requires occasional visits to the orthodontist to tighten the wires and keep treatment moving along at a good pace. A similar but less noticeable option is clear braces. Instead of metal, clear braces use ceramic brackets that mimic the color of your teeth. Clear braces are just as effective as traditional braces but are usually a better option for adults to make their braces blend in with their teeth.

Self-ligating braces use a specialized type of bracket that continually maintains pressure on the wire and teeth so it does not require manual tightening by the orthodontist. Self-ligating braces tend to be a more hygienic alternative to traditional braces, and they are a bit more comfortable to wear as well.

What Kind of Upkeep Is Needed With Braces?

There are a few lifestyle changes that come with braces, though they should not seriously impact your life. Making sure to incorporate these habits into your routine will ensure that your braces work properly and quickly. The first change is that you should avoid hard, sticky, or chewy foods as these can break and damage your braces.

Another change is that you will need to pay extra attention while brushing your teeth. It is important to keep your teeth clean with braces because the brackets tend to act as magnets for plaque and buildup. Your orthodontist will provide you with a special flosser that can reach all the nooks and crannies of your teeth. Try to floss at least once a day to guarantee that when you get your braces off you will have a healthy, white smile!

Lastly, if you engage in contact sports it is important to wear a braces-friendly mouth guard to protect your teeth and your braces from any impact.

How Much Will Braces Treatment Cost Me?

Braces are an investment. They can be costly upfront, but the results last a lifetime and can save you discomfort, time, and money in the long run by preventing orthodontic issues progressing into health problems. The final cost of your braces will vary depending on what kind of issues need to be addressed and how long treatment will take. To get a more accurate price estimate, you will need to visit your orthodontist for an examination. At Farina Orthodontic Specialists, we never want financial stress to get in the way of your perfect smile, so feel free to ask about any available discounts or payment plans that could be available to you!